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Stupid Kids

Marc M has been around way longer than adult swim, and he's better.

One problem

You can't walk around after shooting smack. Nobody would shoot smack standing up.

Can't stop watching

I don't know if this is the best thing on newgrounds, but it's definately my favourite

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Great Game

This game was awsome man and I have a few suggestions in case you decide to make a sequel.

1. Traps, perhaps a draw bridge that is controlled by a switch or something like that.

2. Destructable environments, although that would be a bitch to program and would probably cause glitches that would be pretty sweet.

3. Ammo limits, if there was a limited amount of ammo and ammunition pickups scattered through-out the levels it would be more challengeing.

I am aware that all of those things would make that time that it takes to make the game alot longer but those things would kick ass

WOW. You should make more adventure games.

This game was totally amazing. I loved the ending. The thing I like most though is that you made all the character sprites yourself, when you could have easily gotten sprites for them. I am about to start a game with similar controls and I was wondering if you could maybe take the time out of your busy day to help me out. I can't figure out layer switching from when the player is in front of something to when he is behind something. If you feel like helping me out please reply to this review.

Strange Game

This game was really weird because the boss fights were the easiest levels. Those spinning things are so hard. But it was fun.

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This made me smile

Good lyrics, and instrumentals.

LampsandShit responds:

Haha, thanks. Glad it made you smile.


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